Returning Your Ballot & Ballot Deadlines

How to Return Your Ballot

  1. After voting, fold the ballot along the same fold lines.
  2. Place your marked ballot in the Ballot Envelope that is addressed to the Uinta County Clerk’s Office.
  3. Complete the Oath on the back of the Ballot Envelope.
  4. Sign and date as the elector. Ballots cannot be counted without a signature!
  5. Remember to seal the envelope. Ballots cannot be counted unless the envelope is sealed!
  6. Add the proper postage to the envelope to return by mail.
  7. You may deliver the ballot in person to the County Clerk. Do not deliver to the polling place!


Voted absentee ballots must be returned to the Office of the Uinta County Clerk no later than election day. Ballots received after election day cannot be counted!